What is the Challenge?

The idea is simple: Ask teachers who are making great STEM lessons to share their ideas in a short video (around 2mins). We will create a bank of these videos for teachers to easily navigate. Teachers from around the world will be able to visit WorldSTEM and be inspired by a range of top quality lessons. Even with a bank of 50-100 videos we will collectively have the ability to impact on the education of thousands of students globally.

We are looking for pedagogy and practice, not necessarily tech tools.

  • Ideas are welcome from Kindergarten to Final Year of Study (Year 12)
  • All videos will need to be posted to YouTube and details filled out on the below form
  • To be eligible, videos will need to be submitted using the online form below by October 30, 2017

Why Enter?

There are three main reasons why teachers might consider getting involved in the WorldSTEM Challenge

  1. The altruistic nature of teaching compels us to help others. It is what we do. By uploading a video in the WorldSTEM Challenge you are sharing best practice with other teachers. This not only benefits our colleagues around the world but has the potential to impact on the learning of thousands of students.
  2. A selection panel will critique all entries in July 2017. One video will be selected as the winner. The teacher who submitted that video will be named WorldSTEM Teacher of the Year 2017. Prizes for your school will accompany the title.
  3. The innovative story behind the video will be shared globally. It will feature in multiple magazines (from separate countries). It will also appear on selected high profile blogs globally. This will be great exposure for the teacher, students and especially the innovative school involved.

Hear Brett explain the WorldSTEM Challenge to TeachTechPlay!


What Do I Need to Know?

  • All applications should be submitted using the online form below
  • Explain the lesson or unit clearly so that other teachers can learn from you and use your techniques
  • Remember these video are mainly about showcasing practice not necessarily expensive tools
  • Keep it short but feel free to be as creative as you like. There are no rules on style other than time length (between 1 and 2 minutes)
  • Explain how your lesson links to the curriculum
  • Showcase the results of the students work
  • Consider sharing something from the students’ point of view
  • Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Your video will need to be set as Public or Unlisted (not Private). You can copy the link in to the form below.
  • Please ensure you have permission from your school and people involved in your video to release any information and images contained in your video and application.

WorldSTEM Challenge Entry Form